VIDEO: Lil Mama's 'Twin Sis' Doesn't Make Any Sense Either!

Tragedy struck the Detox set this morning, when our crappy tripod gave way and smashed the TelePromptor to the floor. Normally it wouldn't be such a huge deal to proceed sans Promptor (I never have that much to say in each take), but today was special cuz we had viral video sensation Britney Houston in to reprise her role as Lil Mama with a long-ass monologue. (You may have seen B's "Lip Gloss" parody back in the day.)

Luckily, Britney is a total professional and had her lines down pat. She didn't even need our cheap-o last-minute cue cards. Thanks again for stopping by, Brit!

Dawn Richard of Danity Kane and Making the Band fame graced us with her glorious presence, too. And of all the artists who have stopped by Chez Detox to date, Dawn might be our favorite. Sorry, Nolan Gerard Funk.

I was also super excited to wear my "Ham On Wry" t-shirt, a phrase used by the webmaster at last week to describe our zany show. Love it!

So go ahead and sink your teeth into tonight's Dance Crew Detox. It's waiting for you below!