Reality Check: Elisabeth Hasselback Determined To Save/Rebuild Republican Party, One Pregnancy At A Time

The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck is expecting baby #3! No word yet on whether it'll be a boy or a girl, but know this: it WILL be born wearing a "Palin 2012" onesie. (

• Anyone else think Miss Kentucky is looking a bit on the Sasquatchy/Joaquin Phoenix side? (Inquisitr via E!)

• Update! Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen (a.k.a. the annoying Brooklyn couple who ruined Girls' Night In on Real Housewives: NY) is STILL bragging about their prodigious unremarkable son, Francois. (TV Watch)

American Idol apologizes for telling America that a kindly Southern man threatened to kill Paula Abdul. (Perez Hilton)

• On last night's Top Chef, Carla fretes, Fabio admits he'd "a-likka to knocka somebody offa" and Stefan finds out he's not as amazing as everybody he thinks he is. (Baltimore Sun Blog)