Attention Funny People Who Like To Be Alone! MTV's New Real World Game Is Just For You...

Sometimes I talk to my TV set. I'm actually pretty funny when no one else is around. I like to predict which girl won't get a rose from The Bachelor, which aspiring Brody Jenner BFF will cry next, which Real World roommate will get arrested first, etc. Maybe this makes me a big fat loser, but I have a sneaking suspicion there are a ton more losers just like me out there. C'mon, admit it: Being in the presence of other people is totally overrated!

My latest proof that I'm not alone in wanting to be alone is called Backchannel, a game you can play solo while you watch MTV shows such as Real World: Brooklyn. Basically, you take every and any thought you're having while watching the people onscreen act like idiots, then type 'em out for other anti-social people on to applaud. Instant validation! I just played and landed points for being the first to call out Devyn's boob job. Yay me!

Real World's Backchannel launched tonight -- check out a game or two and see if it's your thing. Other people will be there, but you don't have to look at them or even make casual conversation! God bless the Interweb.