ABDC Ep. 3 Highlights: Taboo's Speechless, JC Eats His Words!

It was yet another memorable taping last night as one of ABDC's biggest fans, Taboo, was on hand to watch this season's talent take the stage for the Britney Spears Challenge. And believe it or not, there were a number of performances that brought the Black Eyed Pea to his feet throughout the evening.

Season 2's unsung heroes, Fanny Pak, were part of the audience as well, finally getting the chance to watch Team Millennia in their element. (FP beat out TM during the casting special last season.) But one of the best moments by far came right after Quest Crew finished their routine. JC could only muster these five words: "Best performance of the night." Kinda cool considering he told the crew last week that he wasn't overly impressed with their choreography. Guess the Quest boys finally got 'in sync.' Ha!