VIDEO: It's Time To Detox From Devyn's Nervy Audition And Chet's Nerdy Date!

So far, in Detox's short run, we've had the pleasure of recapping especially silly moments from many of MTV's shows: The Ikki Twin-fight, Real World Ryan's "Tampon Song" audition, the introduction of a clogging dance crew, etc.... Our screening sessions are always loud, boisterous brainstorms where we talk in funny voices and write notes like "Tell PA's to buy flan."

But what happens when a TV show stops being mockable and starts getting gasp-inducingly real?

That's what Team Detox faced when we sat down to watch tonight's super-heavy Real World: Brooklyn. How the hell are we -- a zany "comedy" show -- supposed to recap the unspeakably-awful things that Sarah says she experienced as a child?

The solution? Celebrities, celebrities, celebrities! Thankfully, the MTV offices were swarming with musicians promoting their new stuff, so we happily enlisted Charles Hamilton, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Ryan Leslie to help distract me from talking about Sarah's sketchy-sounding dad.

And luckily, Real World producers left plenty of other things in the episode to poke fun at: Devyn's Broadway dis and her inexplicable car ride monologue, as well as Chet's awkward date, which allowed me to (cross)dress like his virginity personified. Sway had the misfortune of walking through the newsroom as I was dolled up and noted that my hairy chest was a particularly nice comedic touch. (Thanks Sway! I'm glad my lack of manscaping provides me with comic capabilities.)

So if you're still rattled by tonight's intense Real World: Brooklyn, here's hoping our absurd Detox episode might lift your spirits for a couple of minutes...