Double Shot Poll: Did Scotty Blow It On Purpose?

Scotty may not have won at "Suck and Blow," but we're gonna go out on a not-so-short limb and say he managed to do both on his date. Let's review the events that (not coincidentally) preceded Scott's elimination:

First, the guy shows up hungover to dinner (note: always a good decision) and manages to sleep through the Ikkis' pole-dancing routine. Then, he tells the girls he'd do ANYTHING to win -- including, say *pretend* there's a real connection even when there's totally not. And for the grand finale, dude tells Vikki her sister's "awesome," then passes out alone -- in a puddle of his own drool.

True, this isn't the first time Scotty's blundered on the Double Shot stage (previous missteps included the tongue-jamming fiasco and The Time He Mounted A Twin Without Permission), but tonight it almost seemed as though he wasn't even trying!

+ Think Scotty folded under the pressure? Or did he sink himself on purpose? Either way, what the eff was he thinking?!