VIDEO: It's Time To Detox From Another Stikki Sweet D-Shot

There are only a few desserts out there that I dislike. Flan is one of them. It's essentially a combination of creme brulee and rice pudding -- both things I like -- so I'm not sure what the problem is. What I do know is that when you put those two desserts together, I gag. (Sort of like how I'll happily chase a chocolate bar with a fistful of pretzels, but I'd rather lick a hobo than chew on a chocolate-covered pretzel...)

So when one of the Ikki Twins seemed aroused by Travis' "flanny" breath in this week's D-Shot, I just knew I would be flanning it up for MTV Detox. Sadly, my gag reflex didn't protect JTT from some flan backwash. Eek!

Bonus: We realized that flan makes a particularly awesome substitute for vomit on camera. Score!

Other score? One of my favorite bands, Ponytail, stopped by DetoxLand to gawk over D-Shot and ask really awesome questions like, "Wait, are the twins making out with each other?" (Um, no, that's Rebekka. She's a contestant.) "So does the winner get to date both of them?" (Um, no. They established that it wouldn't be an open relationship.) "So how many winners will there be?" (Um ... actually I don't know! How does this crazy show work, anyway?!)

Thanks for hanging out with us, Ponytail! And thank YOU for watching tonight's flantastic Detox. Clicky!