The City's Allie Has Hair In Strange Places

Sure, she could use a sandwich (preferably a Subway Footlong), but newish City cast member, Allie, is one breathtakingly beautiful girl and certainly qualifies as model material. Here are some other things we learned about Allie from watching Episode 6 and its After Show:

1) She's a total pushover very forgiving person.

2) Her real name is Honey I'msorry.

3) She's perfectly willing to shoot an ad campaign that promotes bad hygiene and channeling your inner serial killer. Watch her soaking in a tub of probably-horse-but-possibly-human hair, all in the name of trendy, overpriced denim:

Plus, after the jump, hear straight from the horsie's mouth what she thought about Catarina and whether she's moved on since the whole cheating rumor fiasco.