DG Poll: Did Vanessa Betray Her Sis By Tipping Off The Parentals?

There's a reason we don't see rebels without a cause driving family-friendly S.U.V.'s: it's all about danger, baby, danger! (Fact: if motorcycles were safe, they wouldn't be the vehicle of choice for Bad Boys, biker chicks with a death wish or leather-lovin' wannabes like Angela.)

And being the concerned older sister that she is, Vanessa wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of her younger sib cruising down Venice Beach at 90mph. So what'd she do? Gave mom a ring and filled her in on Angie and Jess' plan to hop-a-Harley.

Natch, Rev Run showed up just when the girls were about to whip out their charge cards and told them (in no uncertain terms) that the only bikes they'd be riding had three wheels and -- pink-and-silver tassels on the handlebars. And while Vanessa looked visibly relieved, you could practically see the steam coming out of Angela's ears.

+ Think Vanessa made a mistake by calling in for (parental) reinforcements? Or was she just fulfilling her duties as the Protective Older Child? Take our poll and let us know whether Vanessa did the right thing by putting the brakes on Angela's motorcycle dreams.

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