Top Five Reasons WeThinks Allie And Adam Need A Relationship Vacay

Tonight, we watched as Adam's maybe-infidelity drove his girlfriend to tears -- and very nearly drove her away for good. Fortch, Allie (perhaps swayed by her man's monotone "I'm sorry honey"s?) decided to disregard her eye-opening convo with The Other Woman -- and pretend the whole thing never happened.

Think she made the right call? We're not completely convinced! Below, five reasons why Allie should consider changing her relationship status from "It's Complicated" to "Totally, 100% Single."

Reason #1: Adam didn't exactly issue a full denial. Granted, he apologized profusely (and kinda/sorta sounded like he meant it) but at no point did he say the words "It never happened." Instead, he offered up the following hypothesis: Perhaps Catarina is a semi-deranged crazyperson with a propensity for inventing wacky stories about nonfamous people she barely knows? Hey, it could happen.

Reason #2: Crazy Catarina sounded pretty damn convincing. We know, we know, you can't believe everything you hear. But we're not sure we're seeing Cat's motivation to lie here. In fact, had we accidentally walked into the same party as that-boy-we-kissed's-girlfriend, we would've fearfully fled the scene -- not walked up to said girlfriend and fully admitted to smooching her man.

Reason #3: Fact: Models are not always "model" boyfriends. Being a male model himself, it's possible Adam occasionally takes his ridiculously hot girlfriend for granted. But you know who wouldn't? Anyone who doesn't take off his shirt for a living. Allie, if you need an ego boost, we'd recommend going out with a "regular" dude. We can pretty much guarantee he'll worship the very ground you (cat)walk upon.

Reason #4: Boys should not make you cry on a semi-regular basis. No offense, Allie, but every time we've seen you and Adam together you've had that smile turned upside down. And while we're willing to overlook an occasional tearfest, we've learned (from Steph and Cameron on The Hills) that crying + relationships = bad news bears. Unless, of course, you happen to be (a) pre-menstrual, AND (b) watching the last 20 minutes of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, in which case, carry on!

Reason #5: Being single is totally underrated. When you're single, the word "relationship" makes you think of cute (hand-holding!) couples taking romantic getaways and smiling lovingly into each others' eyes. In reality, it's more about familial obligations (like your boyfriend's dad's 60th!), boring domestic disputes (like whose turn it is to take out the trash) and "compromise" (read: agreeing to disagree). Trust us: "single" is NOT short for "desperate, cat-loving spinster." And a fun Friday night out dancing with your girlfriends sure beats staying in to watch sporting events with a major blanket hog.