City Poll: Has Whit Come Down With A Case Of The Paranoias?

On tonight's City, Allie and Adam's relationship suffered a major blow when some chick named Catarina announced that she and Adam, like, TOTALLY made out. As a result, Whitney preemptively picked a fight with her boyfriend Jay, and warned him to never, ever "do anything like that" to her.

Why? Turns out, Whitney's a firm believer in the transitive property (ah, 6th grade math!). Her hypothesis? If your friends are a reflection of who you are, and your BFF/roomie Adam is a total sketchypants, then you, too, must be sketchy-by-association.

The only problem with this theory? We're not seeing the empirical evidence. Even assuming Adam DID step out on his girlfriend, that doesn't mean Jay's getting ready to follow suit. And FYI, chewing out your man for cheating before the fact is less a preventative measure than it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

+ Think Whit jumped the gun by punishing Jay for his roomie's bad behavior? Or is she right that you are who you're friends with? Take our poll and let us know whether Whitney came down too hard on her (guilty until proven innocent?) bf.