50 Cent Reveals The Secret Behind His Bootylicious Bod

Rapper 50 Cent likes his workouts like he likes his women: girly. And while the hip hop mogul is, perhaps, best known for his abs (did ya SEE the upside down situps in "In Da Club"?!) he's got a new exercise regimen now. One that would make JLo proud. Here's what Fiddy told the NYDN (according to Scandalist):

“It’s intense, and there are no weights involved. And some of it’s like girly stuff, like just kicking your leg, but it’s muscles you don’t really ever work at. Men don’t usually go to the gym and say, ‘I’m going to develop my ass. This’ll be the J.Lo workout.’”

Awww, we always knew 50 Cent was an ass man! Now, if you'll excuse him, it's time for the extremely manly (and frequently shot) gangsta rapper to change into his pink, Juicy velor sweatpants -- and start making with the squat thrusts.