Trouble In Paradise? Paris Hilton Ditches New BFF Brittany Flickinger At Sundance

Although Brittany Flickinger recently told us she and Paris have never been tighter, the heiress might be singing a slightly different tune. The latest (unconfirmed) goss? P. Hilton's been stepping out on her bestie with Making the Band misfit Aubrey O'Day!

And if today's Page Six is to be believed, Brit's days as Paris' sidekick might be numbered. At least, if Nicky Hilton (who reportedly "can't stand Paris' new BFF") has anything to say about it. Here's the New York Post's recap of Paris and Brittany's disastrous trip to Sundance:

Nicky forbade Paris from staying at Jeffrey Katzenberg's house with her [at Sundance], forcing the heir-head to rent a condo and befriend Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day.

"Paris kept ditching Brittany for Aubrey," said our source. Friday night, the two left Flickinger at the Eldridge and went across the street to Tao, where the former Best Friend Forever found them at 2 a.m. "She was crying and screaming, 'Paris, stop leaving me!' " said our snitch.

Unfortch, things didn't get much better after that. According to the Post, Brittany spent the majority of her Sunday "snapping up freebies at the Owl's Lab gifting station," while Paris (who showed off a new, extension-free 'do!) spent her time "sucking face" with rumored new squeeze, MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe.

+ Think Brit and Paris will work things out? Or are these two headed for a BFF breakup? Let us know whether you guys think Paris' new pal should start preparing for a life OUT of the spotlight (again).

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