Reality Check: GG Spinoff To Center Around Pre-Knocked Up Lily Bart

(Photo: CW)

• Breaking! The new Gossip Girl spinoff will take place in the 1980's, and follow the adventures of a coke-sniffing, Whitesnake worshipping party girl named Lily van der Woodsen. The show's first big challenge? Replacing the implausibly young actor (who plays Rufus Humphrey at 45) with an implausibly old actor who'll play Rufus Humphrey at 25.  (

• Meanwhile, American Idol continues! The annoying new judge defends her anti-Bikini Girl crusade while Jason Castro's Brother lives to sing another day. (Scandalist, Us)

• Newly engaged Playmate Bridget Wilkinson reminisces about the days when her octogenarian ex footed all the bills in exchange for sex. "[Hugh Hefner] was kind of like my best friend, but a sugar daddy at the same time," Wilkinson explains. "Hef made me feel beautiful." (NYDN)

Amy Poehler's new show (produced by the guys who brought you The Office) will be shooting documentary-style, like The Office! Fortunately, we like The Office, so it's all good. (TV Squad)