It's A Big City -- So Why's Whit Asking 'L-Word Erin' For Dating Advice?

Don't get us wrong, Erin Lucas seems like a sweet girl. She let her old pal Whitney crash on her couch, agreed to accompany Whit to Olivia's hoity toity dinner party in the (presumed) absence of Jay and has been an all-around great friend -- the kind who asks about your work/social/personal life before launching into a diatribe about herself -- ever since we first laid eyes on her in Ep. 1.

The only problem? It seems like she's not exactly a pro when it comes to successful relationships. Let's face the facts:

1) The girl has only ever had long-distance relationships.

2) Her idea of a perfect boyfriend is dating three guys at once.

3) Her main advice to Whit? Play the field! And last, but certainly not least:

Just one week after exchanging I-love-you's with Duncan, Erin was ready to put him on the first plane outta her life.

Um, yeah. We're all for being single and fabulous (Sex and The City style!), but it almost looks as though Erin's less about casual dating -- and more about keeping her boyfriends at arm's length. (Or in her case, across the country!)

+ But what say you? Think Erin's qualified to be Whit's go-to relationship guru? Or is her advice (i.e. "Use this time to be selfish") more in keeping with her own attitude towards guys/dating than it is to Whitney's?