Rapper 50 Cent Unmoved By Kanye West's 'Heartbreak'

Recently, Kanye West made the decision to forgo his tried and true formula of infectious rhymes and danceable beats in favor of an album (808s + Heartbreaks) comprised of mediocre R&B songs and slightly sub-par singing.

Among those unimpressed by 'Ye's departure? Rapper 50 Cent, who -- according to ContactMusic -- has criticized West in a track from his upcoming album, Before I Self-Destruct.

"In the song ['Heartless Monster'] he raps; "It's the return of the heartless monster/I should give you n***ers a whole R+B record/808s and my heart's broken/I hate all these f**kers with the rainbow colours on."

Hmm, guess this means Fiddy won't be adding "Love Lockdown" to his Running Mix after all...