City Poll: Can Olivia Palermo Be Trusted?

Last week, we put Olivia Palermo on notice for name-dropping her socialite status, interrogating Whitney about her love life and bragging about her overpriced shoe collection. But in spite of all the ambiguously passive aggressive comments (and not infrequent eye rolls), Olivia claims she's only looking out for Whitney's best interest.

Sure, she sliiiiightly exaggerated when she said Whitney skipped out of work early (i.e. after the photo shoot was over) to go traipsing around town with her boyfriend. And yeah, it's theoretically POSSIBLE that Whitney didn't snap up the first apartment she saw because it reminded her of Jay (and pissed off Olivia!) but because it was a) gorgeous, b) totally in her price range and (c) not Erin's couch.

Fact is, as much as we have our suspicions about Olivia's overall trustworthiness, our mom taught us we shouldn't judge someone until we've walked a mile in their Manolos. 'Course, she didn't say anything about speculating wildly ... or asking you guys to make the call. So take our poll and let us know whether you think Whitney should trust Olivia -- or run as far away from her as possible.