E&U Update: Despite The Odds, MTV's First Live Wedding Couple Is Still Going Strong!

This summer, MTV's Engaged & Underage held its first live wedding from our offices here in Times Square. And although there was some initial skepticism, the event went off without a hitch and everyone involved had a lovely time ... especially the bride and groom!

Despite Josh's unexpected early deployment to Afghanistan, which will cause a temporary separation for the newlyweds, Nikki says that married life is great! Check out these new pics of the happy couple and get an update from the wifey below...

About a month after Josh and I got married, we found out that the army had moved up his deployment date. He's training now and leaves for Afghanistan on January 5. Regardless, we are still in the honeymoon phase of our marriage -- we really haven't had any serious arguments.

Josh and I spend as much time as we can together and have a lot of fun with our friends. At first it felt like we never got to see each other because our work schedules were so different, but lately it's been a lot better. Josh's boss actually let him leave the job early so he has more time to spend with me before going overseas.

We haven't had any major difficulties with being married young, just that some people don't believe us when we tell them. I did try to attend classes at the University of West Georgia, which didn't work out since I don't live on campus. But I'm already moving past that. While Josh is away, I'll be taking a six-month course to become an EMT. School is something that's very difficult to get through when you're married and have a full time job. Still, in these past few months we've had so much fun and I'm so GLAD that we got married! Life has not been bliss, but it's been pretty close. It's just really nice to get to go to sleep cuddled up in the arms of my best friend.

~*LuV NiKki*~

More pics of Josh and Nikki after the jump!