Swing And A Miss! Diddy Strikes Out With Bizarro Baseball Simile

Sometimes a quote is so perfectly wonderful that we'd just rather just skip the intro, throw it at you and let you draw your own conclusions. And in that spirit, we humbly present Diddy's "mind-imploding" analogy (in the words of our Best Week Ever cohorts) regarding his recent CSI: Miami cameo.

"The CSI: Miami team is like the Yankees. Me coming on the set, I'm like a Little League player with the Yankees. [David Caruso], he's like Obi-Wan Kenobi or something! He taught me so much and let me ask questions and protected me. He's like the coach of the team."

In other words ... filming a crappy crime show/blatant Law & Order ripoff is tantamount to playing major league ball for the highest-paid/worst-performing team in the American League -- and getting coached by fictional sci-fi character??

Help us translate, readers. You're our only hope.