Is Brody Jenner Ready To Give Spencer Pratt Another Shot At Bromance?

In case you forgot, the premise of Bromance is as follows: Hills heartthrobs Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado are searching for a cool dude to join their posse -- in place of estranged bro Spencer Pratt. Fact is, ever since their falling out on The Hills (Brody and Spencer clashed after the B-man started hangin' with Spencer's nemesis, Lauren Conrad), the former friends have made it a point to keep their distance.

But now, with the premiere of his new show less than two weeks away, it looks as though Brody might be ready to call a truce.

“I love Spencer,” the Bromance star recently told Life & Style Weekly. “Trust was broken, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.”

But according to Brody's trusty sidekick, Frankie Delgado, Spencer's gonna have to do a little groveling if he ever wants to make it back into the Circle of Trust. "He’ll have to compete,” Frankie insists. “We’re going to have to put him through some tests!"

+ Can Brody and Spencer patch things up? Let us know whether you think the former BFFs will ever renew their best-broship!