P. Diddy Joins Trendy Celeb Campaign To Save NBC's 30 Rock

We've all seen 30 Rock parade out the guest stars this season in the (apparently misguided) hopes of boosting ratings. And while Oprah and Jennifer Aniston's cameos failed to attract viewers to the too-smart-to-be-popular NBC sitcom, there's one more celeb who's ready to pick up where they left off: Sean "Diddy" Combs.

"I'm definitely trying to holler at Tina Fey," Diddy tells E! Online. "Me and Tracy [Morgan], we've been talking, and we got a scheme up our sleeves. I'm definitely trying to get in on that in the next two years, for real."

+ Think Diddy's got what it takes to save 30 Rock from dying a slow, Studio 60 death? We sure hope so! Otherwise it's only a matter of time before Tina Fey's laugh-out-loud comedy gets yanked off the air -- and replaced with (yet) another tired Friends ripoff.