Breaking: Is The Paper's Adam Brock A Journalism Dropout??

You probably remember Adam Brock as the amazing, high-strung, High School Musical: On Ice-loving ad manager from MTV's The Paper. But now that his days at The Circuit are over and done with, the former Homecoming King sez he's no longer interested in pursuing a career in journalism.

"I've actually given up writing," Brock admits in an interview with "With this economy like this, I just thought to myself, I don't want to be another one of those people in a cubicle, struggling. I know that I could amount to other, bigger things [in journalism] if I wanted to, but my passion now is politics. There's something about politics that just strikes me more. After the show, I felt I was obligated to major in journalism, but that's not my calling anymore."

To borrow a quote from Elle Woods' character in Legally Blonde: "Sorry, I think I just hallucinated."

Because we KNOW Paper prodigy Adam Brock (the very same Adam Brock who once wrote us an impassioned, 250-word essay on the evolution of journalism and its impact on today's society) wouldn't seriously turn his back on the world of media because of a little worldwide economic recession...would he???


Alright, who's gonna break the news to Ms. Weiss??