Reality Check: Jeremy Pivens Has Fishy Excuse For Quitting Play

(Photo: HBO)

Entourage star Jeremy Piven shocked fans (and co-stars) by stepping down as the star of his hit Broadway play Speed-the-Plow owing to a "high mercury count" -- a condition he attributed to his above-average sushi intake. Playwright David Mamet's response? "My understanding is that [Jeremy] is leaving show business to pursue a career as a thermometer." Zing! (

Gossip Girl scoop: That creepy/icky Aaron character is never, ever coming back from Argentina! Dan Humphrey fans, rejoice! (E! Online)

O.C. cutie Rachel Bilson continues to insist that her love life with hottie Hayden Christensen is uninteresting. We'd argue but we're too busy hating her immensely. (E! Online)

• Meanwhile, Price Is Right contestant Terry Kniess continues to insist that he didn't cheat to win the Showcase Showdown. He just happens to be SO good at valuating strange items that he was able to guess the exact cost of every single one of the prizes ... right down to the very last cent. (TV Squad)