Bromance Gift Guide: Brody Jenner's Secret Holiday Wishlist!

Damn, y'all! Shopping for celebs can be so hard! Especially when you're trying to find the perfect stocking-stuffer for Brody Jenner. Sure, dude already has a lot going for him -- the movie star looks, the Playmate girlfriend, the brand-new boycentric spinoff, Bromance -- but, in the spirit of Christmas, we've come up with a few ideas that will give our fave Hills hunk some happy holiday cheer.

So what do you get for the boy who has everything? Here are our top 5 recommendations:

+ Frat-friendly DVDs! We all know Brody likes to go out and hit the clubs --  but even the biggest partyboy needs an occasional lazy night in. Which is why we're getting him the Overgrown Fratty DVD Collector Sets, featuring the best of the best in college drinking humor (Think: Old School, PCU, Van Wilder, Revenge of the Nerds and, of course, Animal House.) NOTE: Paddles and beer pong table sold separately.

+ A Gift-Certificate To The Featured Hills Bar Of Your Choice! C'mon dude, despite all the "What's the plan for tonight?" convos, we all know you're gonna end up at Crown Bar, Area, or Les Deux (if you're feeling nostalgic) at the end of the night. And since we're feeling so generous, we'll even throw in $50 off your next meal at Falcon restaurant. You're welcome!

+ A New Pair Of Sunglasses. We admit it -- Brody looks hot in shades. (And without them, for that matter.) But whether he's in Cabo, Vegas or Lauren's backyeard, Brody's always rockin' the same pair of basic black, oval-rimmed glasses. Time for an upgrade, bro! We're getting ya a pair of designer aviators, some wraparound Oakley's, and some mirrored, silver-framed Super Trooper-inspired specs for those late nights/early mornings.

+ Bromance In A Bottle. Seems like everyone who's anyone in Celebrity Land has already launched his own fragrance line. Usher's got one, Michael Jordan's got one and Diddy's even got one inspired by his own personal motto: I AM KING. So join the big boys, make with the merchandising and start hocking gender-neutral bottles of (what else?) "Bromance." Ah, the sweet smell of fraternal love and commerce...

+ Brody Jenner Action Figure. Nothing makes a guy feel like a bigshot than seeing himself rendered as a plastic, anatomically-incorrect toy action figure. And we've already got it all planned out. The Brody Doll will come complete with removable baseball cap, an assortment of shades (see #3, above) and a miniature Blackberry filled with the numbers of Barbie and all of her friends. Sidekick Frankie coming soon!

Got any other ideas? Let us know what you'll be buying for Brody this holiday season! (And FYI, we think he's already pre-ordered his copy of The Hills: Season 4 on DVD.)