Next Week's Double Shot: Bring On The Catfights (And The Inflatable Women)!

The Ikki Twins aren't looking to play games -- except when they're the ones making all the rules. Like on next week's biathlon, where Rikki and Ikki wear matching ref's uniforms and watch the boys take on the girls in a biathlon that's one part speed, one part endurance, and two parts "How fast can you run while dragging an inflatable sex doll?"

Think you can handle all that action? Check out these scenes from next week's Double Shot at Love, and get a sneak preview of the girl-on-girl fighting (Sorry, Xoe -- our money's on Nicky!), the screeching sirens (Did somebody call 911??) and the news that five(!) more peeps will be outta there before the day is done.