Double-Shot Secrets: Rebekah's A Baby-Mama! Coop Farts When He's Around Pretty Girls!

If last week's Double Shot at Love premiere was meant to be a who's who of all the contestants, this week taught us that everything is not always as it seems.

In yesterday's episode alone, we learned that Rebekah has a four-year-old child, Nick's a tattletale, Coop's socially (and gastrointestinally) awkward, Scott sucks at rule-following and Jenn's a bit of a schoolyard bully. Plus, we learned how to tell the twins apart! (Rikki has more freckles! ... Or was that Vikki?)

Anyhow, we ALSO got to hear Conservative James' views on politics (Weird how the bisexual twins didn't like his gay-marriage-is-on-par-with-bestiality theory!) listen to unconfirmed rumors about Xoe's affinity for threesomes and watch Josh and Rosemarie's not-so-secret late-night smoochfest -- the one that maybe, shoulda gotten them both sent home.

So which was the most shocking secret of them all? You tell us! (Hint: It's NOT the part where Boring Ben reveals he's not just "pretending" to be the Dorky Guy.)