2008 Hills Awards! Relive The Tears, Bad Dates And Most Awkward Moments Of Season 4

There have been so many memorable moments during Season 4 of The Hills that we figured it was time to hit you with a quick recap and some special awards for standout scenes. Read on to hear our picks for everything from Most Awkward Moment to Weirdest Coupling and, of course, Best Smackdown!

Category: Most Awkward Moment

Winner: Holly's lukewarm reception at Casa de Speidi

Runners-Up: Nana Pratt telling Stephanie that Spencer's her "favorite" grandkid, Audrina name-dropping Justin Bobby throughout her date with Aussie Whatshisface, Darlene's "I think you're controlling and manipulative" lunch with Spencer, Heidi getting fired by Brent (and then rehired by Sam)

Honorable Mention: Spencer telling Stephanie "I can't make you un-my sister. Trust me, if I could ... I would've."

Category: Best Crib

Winner: Lauren's Laguna room (but mostly because of her AMAZING Zack Morris cell phone)

Runners-Up: Audrina's new bachelorette pad, Stephanie's bathroom-like living quarters, Speidi's lovenest-slash-video arcade, Doug's (parents') tricked-out beach house in Cabo

Category: Craziest Hair Accessory

Winner: Heidi's Franco-American beret, Audrina's Replacement Flower

Runners-Up: Lauren's banana-colored headband, Justin Bobby's "HOULIGANS" hat, Alex the Model's (ill-advised) trucker hat, Brent Bolthouse's ubiquitous porkpie

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Category: Best Smackdown

Winner: Lauren vs. Audrina Part II: "You're worse than Heidi!"

Runners-Up: Lauren vs. Audrina, Part I: "I bob my head at the weird shows," Spencer vs. Holly "Mooch of the Century" Montag

Honorable Mention: The epic "WE'LL NEVER BE FRIENDS!" fight between Audrina and Lo

Category: Weirdest Coupling (in retrospect)

Winner: Audrina and that "Not Justin Bobby" Guy

Runners-Up: Lauren and Dud Reinhardt, Stephanie and Doug's totally-platonic romantic dinner, Whitney and Alex the High-Cheekboned Model, Stephanie and "He Makes Me Cry" Cameron

Honorable Mention: Justin Bobby and the Cabo Sleazies

Category: Biggest Cryfest

Winner: Stephanie sobbing in the Las Vegas ladies' room (after Brody called her a "psycho.")

Runners-Up: Stephanie sobbing at the pool party (after Doug called her a "lost puppy"), LC and Audrina's tear-streaked JB fight at Winston's, Lauren after saying buh-bye to Whitney for the very last time. (Sniff!!)

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