Hills Finale Sneak Peek: Speidi To Re-Marry? LC And Heidi To Reunite? Holla!

We thought the makeup-ruining tearfest between Lauren and Audrina (that marked the end of The Hills, Season 3) would be hard to top. 'Course, that was before we found out the Season 4 finale would involve Speidi running off to City Hall, Lauren and Heidi hugging it out (!!!) and 'Drina and Justin (who, for some reason, is wearing overalls) trying to work through their MAJOR relationship issues.

Check out these scenes from Monday night's finale extravaganza, watch Heidi's mom face off against Spencer for the first time (since the last time!) and don't forget to tune in early -- at 8pm sharp! -- to catch all the live pre-show action.

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