Double Shot Poll: Should Josh And Rosemarie's Kiss Get Them Dismissed?

Eliminations are always tricky. And as happy as we were to see Coop get the boot (along with Bestiality James and boring/unemployed Ben), we kinda figured something would come out about Josh and Rosemarie's late-night smoochfest.

But after Nick pissed off the twinsies by tattling on Xoe and Rebekah without any proof, nobody was brave enough to risk the wrath of the Ikkies by outing those "secret" maker-outers.

Given the way Rikki and Nikki reacted to Nick's accusations before finding out they were bogus ('Member the crying? The yelling? The pouty-faced claims of betrayal??), there's a good chance they would've bounced Josh and Rosemarie for getting frisky had they seen the incriminating footage.

+ Think Josh and Rosemarie's snuggle sesh should've sent them packing? Take our poll and let us know whether you think those two broke the unwritten cardinal rule of A Double Shot at Love: Thou shalt ONLY kiss bisexual twins.