Breaking: Paris And Benji Spotted Acting Civilly At A Public Function!

Everyone knows the First Rule of Breakup Etiquette: If you must run into your ex unexpectedly at a red carpet event, it is absolutely ESSENTIAL that you look drop-dead gorgeous. Fortunately, Paris Hilton was appropriately dolled up (and looking 100% flawless) when she accidentally bumped into former boyfriend Benji Madden at last night's D&G opening.

And apparently, the former couple wasted no time in slinking away to a "private corner" (oooh, scandalous!) for a quick catchup sesh.

"After grabbing drinks at the bar, Paris and Benji headed out to the smoking patio to chat some more, each of them oblivious to anything going on around them," reports Also? "She subsequently pulled him into a private corner so they could talk, and did her best to ward off any shutterbugs."

Natch, we're suckers for a happy ending so we're psyched to see Paris and Benji going the civil route (and possibly heading towards Back Together Land). Congrats, you two! Oh, but Paris? If you DO reconcile, make sure Benji loses the tiger this time around.