Reality Check: Paula Abdul Is Universally Beloved, Simon Cowell Is A God

+ American Idol producers seem to think "America loves Paula [Abdul]." We'd argue, if we weren't so soul-crushingly apathetic. (Damn you, Seinfeld, damn you!) (TV Watch)

+ Meanwhile, British children have voted: and they think Simon Cowell's even more famous than God! We'd be willing to bet he's infinitely more recognizable, too. (TV Squad)

+ Breaking: Lipstick Jungle isn't officially canceled yet! Which means there's still at LEAST two more episodes to ogle that hot twentysomething Kirby fellow who never, ever wears a shirt. (E! Online)

+ Good news, ATL lovers! Bravo has just picked up The Real Housewives of Atlanta for a second groundbreaking season. Bring on the crazy! (

+ The Today Show copies Barbara Walters does something completely new and unexpected and offers up their own picks for the 10 Most Fascinating People Top 5 People of 2008. (Psst...our money's still on Obama). (E! Online)