Brody Jenner Gives His Blessing To A Brand New Celeb Couple

Those of you who are up on your Hills hookup history know that Brody Jenner (a.k.a. Lauren Conrad's BFF and former bf!) hangs with Doug Reinhardt, who briefly dated both LC and her pal Stephanie Pratt (deny it all you want, guys!)* before shacking up with his current girl, Hairspray hottie Amanda Bynes, who -- as some of you pointed out -- bears an uncanny resemblance to one Steph Pratt!

So, all things considered, what's Brody's take on Doug and Amanda's three-week-old relationship?

"Good for them," the Bromance star recently told "I hope they’re very happy."

Trust us, Brody -- judging by those goofy PDA pics we posted yesterday, they couldn't be happier if they tried.

* and was rumored to have taken up with Heidi's sister, Holly.