Five Reasons To Follow Whitney Port On Her Big City Adventure!

We've never been great at goodbyes, which is why we've convinced ourselves that Whitney Port's dramatic exit from The Hills isn't The End so much as a new beginning! And as sad as we are to see Whitney leave L.A. (and quit her job as Lauren Conrad's No. 1 advice giver-outter), we're psyched to see her finally get the screen-time she deserves. Speaking of which, here are five reasons why Whit's new show, The City, is already a must-see.

1. We'll (finally!) get to see Whitney in winter clothes. Sure, we've seen Audrina Patridge in the occasional knitted cap, but here on the East Coast, dressing warm is an absolute necessity. Natch, we're bundled up to the extreme (resulting in a look that's a cross between Eskimo Joe and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man), but we're betting on Whitney to nail the chic snow-bunny look. Our prediction: An impressive array of Chanel sunglasses, Hermes scarves, Jimmy Choo boots and YSL coats. Either that or the entire Winter '09 line from DVF.

2. Whitney's new relationship is 100% for realz. We like watching two strangers find luuurve on reality TV as much as the next guy (Flava Flav, you da man!) -- but we LOVE hearing when the romance sticks. According to, Whit recently took her new boyfriend, Aussie Jay, home for Thanksgiving to meet the fam! Well played, Jay ... Now, seal the deal by breaking out your best Ugly Christmas Sweater and sending Whit's 'rents a framed pic of the two of you for the holidays.

3. It's time for change. With Barack Obama poised to take over the Oval Office as soon as Dubya (i.e. George "Shoe-Magnet" Bush) vacates the premises, it's time for all of us to start switching things up a bit. Fortch, Whit has the right idea -- new clothes, new girlfriends, new home, new job, new gorgeous Aussie boyfriend! But can our career gal make it in the big city? Answer: Yes, she can!

4. We're ready to see what the "new Carrie Bradshaw" can do. We already told you that Page Six Magazine has high hopes for our gal. In fact, they're predicting that Whitney will pick up right where Carrie left off! 'Course, those are some mighty big Manolos to fill -- which means we'll be watching to see what lasting trends (think: gold "Carrie" necklace, giant flower brooches and Cosmos!) Whitney brings to the table. You know, in addition to bringing sexy hand-holding back.

5. Whitney's days of playing second-fiddle are O-V-E-R. If anyone deserves her own sidekick, it's Whitney. She's been the Robin to LC's Batman for four seasons -- and now that she's paid her dues, it's time to reap the benefits by inheriting a new cast of peripheral characters who eat/sleep/breathe Whitney Port. From the looks of it, socialite Olivia Palermo and "hipster photographer" Erin Lucas can def deliver the drama -- but can they master Whit's ability to dole out amazing, Dr. Ruth-quality advice while simultaneously folding a pair of jeans?? Only time will tell.