Reality Check: Hugh Hefner's A Swingin' Bachelor! That's His Story, And He's Stickin' To It.

+ Playboy founder Hugh Hefner feigns enthusiasm over his fake ex-girlfriend's pending nuptials. (

+ Meanwhile, Hef's sons prove they're completely unworthy of inheriting their father's Playboy dynasty. "I'm not going to have multiple girlfriends — not at the same time," sez 18-year-old Marston Hefner. "I can't imagine that." (Defamer)

+ OMG, did bratty Upper East Sider Blair Waldorf (real-identity: Leighton Meester) just "secretly" (read: not-so-secretly) get engaged to her hot, but slightly-effeminate-looking bf?? Survey says ... no. (

+ Meanwhile, even Gossip Girl author Cecily von Ziegesar hates Serena's pretentious/arty boyfriend, Aaron. "He’s so slimy! He’s just … ick." Agreed! Also, anyone else thinks it's strange that his dad just HAPPENS to be the same dude who married Blair's mom? (Gawker)

+ For some strange reason, Mark Schwahn, (creator of craptastic CW show One Tree Hill) has been assigned to write/ruin the revamped Melrose Place pilot. (TV Watch)