MTV's Top 10 Daddy's Girls Of All Time

Angela and Vanessa Simmons see no shame in keeping Rev Run on speed dial, especially since they're clearly not the only Daddy’s Girls in Hollywood. In fact, this unusually close father-daughter dynamic exists in MANY famous fams.

Throughout the years, MTV in particular has dedicated lots of air time to those ladies who’d be lost in the world without their overly protective papas. Just take a look at our list of Top 10 Daddy’s Girls of All Time!


1) Jessica Simpson from Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica

From awkward comments about his daughter's Double Ds to intrusions on her alone time with helpless husband, Nick Lachey, Joe Simpson officially goes down in our record books as the MAC (Most Annoying and Controlling) Daddy. Still, Jessica never pointed a finger at her father as her storybook marriage and career began to publicly deteriorate.

2) Ashlee Simpson from The Ashlee Simpson Show

The MAC Daddy strikes again, though younger daughter Ashlee proved herself to be much more feisty than Jess when faced with her father's career ultimatums.

3) Kelly Osbourne from The Osbournes

On this hit MTV reality series, Sharon Osbourne played the Man of the House while Ozzy took to defending the kids for their consistently obnoxious behavior. Daughter Kelly could do no wrong — that is, til she started following in her father’s footsteps by doing drugs. A broken-hearted Ozzy was finally forced to dole out some tough love in order to save Kelly from self-destructing.

4) Chrissy from Newport Harbor

This high school senior’s father elected himself as chaperone of her group trip to Palm Springs. Right when she was about to kiss her crush for the first time, dear ole Dad famously interrupted the flirting and escorted his daughter back to her hotel room. Chrissy was not nearly as mortified as she should have been, focusing the rest of her vacay on getting back on Daddy's good side.

5-8) Rachel Smith, Katie Blair, Riyo Mori and Tara Conner from Pageant Place

Every Miss USA, Miss Universe and Miss Teen USA owes her life -- or at least her success -- to the organization's boss and sugar daddy, Donald Trump. After all, he's the guy who sets them up each year in an extravagant NYC apartment and gives them valuable post-crown career advice. Trump especially played the role of father figure to former Miss USA, Tara Conner, by helping her get back on track after coming clean about a cocaine problem.

9-10) Angela and Vanessa Simmons from Run's House and Daddy's Girls

Run's daughters may now be living on their own in LA, but 3,000 miles can't stop him from being a part of the picture. And these ladies wouldn't have it any other way. Tune into the Daddy's Girls premiere on January 5 at 10:30pm to see how Angela and Vanessa handle their father's long-distance reign.