VIDEO: Get Ready For Angela & Vanessa's New Series, Daddy's Girls!

By now, you've probably heard that Rev. Run's daughters, bicoastal beauties Angela and Vanessa Simmons, are starring in their very own MTV spinoff! The new series, Daddy's Girls, will follow the sneaker sisters as they ditch the parentals -- and move from New York to L.A. (just like The City, only the opposite!)

So what's their plan of attack? Grab a coupla friends (like good neighbor Alycia and cousin Jessica!) take the West Coast by storm and try not to "f--- up Pastries" in the process. (Russell Simmons' words, not ours.)

Anyhow, check out the trailer for Daddy's Girls, listen up as Mom and Dad phone in with some helpful hints  (i.e. "Shut it, Slappy!") and stay tuned for the series premiere on Monday, January 5th! Meantime, watch as the Simmons gals' new mantra, "Four girls against one city," lands Vanessa on The Most Awkward Speed Date Ever -- and pits Angela against a mountain lion. (Wait, WHAT??)