Five Things You Never Knew About The Ikki Twins!

Sure, ya knew the Ikki twins (a.k.a. Rikki and Vikki Ikki) were (a) blond, (b) beautiful), (c) bisexual and (d) following in Tila Tequila's stilettoed footsteps as the newest looking-for-love stars of MTV's A Double Shot At Love. But here's a few things you didn't know about the sizzlin' sister act.

+ They're 100% identical. Having trouble telling em' apart? You're not alone. According to the girls' bio, not even their dad can tell which Ikki is which! Something we're guessing the girls' used to their advantage during their rebellious phase.

+ They're California girls. Well, sort-of. The Ikkis were born in Pennsylvania, and moved around a lot (read: nine different states!) before settling down in the West Coast. Not that you'd know it from their picture-perfect tans and sun-kissed tresses.

+ They're both bisexual. Seriously. Rikki was the first to discover she was into chicks, but she kept things quiet until her sis, Vikki, admitted that she, too, had a mild case of the Katy Perries. And the rest, as they say, was history.

+ Before becoming models, both Ikkis worked as Hooters waitresses. Sure, we know, you only go to Hooters for the wings. But some dudes go there to see the servers in their skintight tops and radioactive orange booty-shorts and hit them with lame lines like, "Want some fries with that shake?" Fortch, those guys also tend to be the best tippers.

+ They're both ready to meet that special someone. But as they say on their bio, doubling the dating pool equals double the heartbreak. Here's to hoping Rikki and Ikki can finally find true love -- at the exact same time -- on reality TV!

Want more Ikki? Watch the official A Double Shot At Love trailer, plus head to Rikki and Ikki's website for more pics and background info.

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