Holly Montag Calls Spencer Pratt A Big, Fat 'Coward'

'Member the other week when Perez Hilton broke the news of Speidi's nuptials? Holly Montag and Stephanie Pratt were quick to wish the couple good luck, but now it looks as though one of those sisters has changed her tune.

Since hearing her mom, Darlene Egelhoff, voice her disapproval of the holy union (Darlene says she "bawled [her] eyes out" when she saw the wedding pix, and those weren't tears of joy so much as disappointment/suppressed rage), Holly's spoken out against Speidi's get-hitched-quick scheme.

"People elope. It happens all the time. I just want her to be happy," Montag's sister told Us Weekly. "But Spencer wanting to avoid my mom is just cowardly. That's the poorest reason to elope. Because you're afraid of your mother-in-law?"

Oh, and in addition to being "cowardly" (at least, according to Holly), Speidi's quickie nuptials may have even caused more probs than they prevented.

"This elopement is causing way more drama!" argues Heidi's mom in the current issue of Us. "A [traditional big family] wedding would have been drama-free."

As if!