Tila Tequila's Got The 'Hookup!'

(Photo: Simon & Schuster, via BarnesandNoble.com)

You already know that Tila Tequila's new sexytime Q&A (appropriately named "Hooking Up with Tila Tequila") is out in stores. But here's something you didn't know -- between all the TMI overshares and bediquette advice (Helpful Hint: Channel your inner Jenna Jameson!) Tila has a confession to make: she's still rebounding from that whole getting-dumped-on-national-tv experience.

"[A Shot at Love] messed with my head," Tila told New York Metromix. "I love MTV-they're like my family to me. But I ended up in therapy for the first time in my life because of [that show], going on that whole emotional rollercoaster. People watched that show and they thought it was entertainment but it was a really difficult period for me."

Fortch for us, Tila totally bounced back! So what's next for the MySpacer-turned-reality star-turned-author? "I've got film projects, a TV project and my first full album. I'm thinking of calling it Tourette's."