Find Out What Whitney REALLY Thinks About Her Hills Co-Stars!

We've always thought Whitney Port deserved more airtime. Not only is she the best listener (and advice giver-outer) a Teen Vogue intern could ever have -- she's also the most drama-free girl/guy on The Hills, and living proof that tall girls absolutely CAN (and should) wear heels. But now that she's about to headline her own NYC-based spinoff, The City, it's time for Whit to stop listening -- and start talking! Particularly about, say, her relationship with the rest of the Hills cast.

So how does she really feel? Well, in a new video on her official website, Whit says she and Lauren will "probably be friends forever" (surprise, surprise), breaks down her true feelings about Heidi and Audrina ("I've been closer with them in the past) and reveals that she, Spencer and Stephanie go way back ("[We] actually went to high school together.")

+ Want more? Watch the video to find out what else Whit had to say about her fellow Hillzies, plus learn more about her new fashion line, Whitney Eve, and find out which clothes she absolutely, positively can't live without.