Top 5 Reasons We're Countin' Down The Days 'Til Bromance

1. It's like Entourage, except for realzies! Fortch, we've always had a thing for overgrown Van Wilder types.

2. There's something for everyone. According to Just Jared, every episode ends when "a rejected 'bro' is asked to leave the bachelor pad dripping wet during a 'Hot Tub Elimination Ceremony.'"

3. The show has AMAZING branding possibilities. (Think: "Frankie Say Relax!" and "Can't We Just Be Bros?" t-shirts)

4. Brody gets by with a little help from his (Hills) friends. And we can't wait to see LC teach these boys a lesson.

5. It's like watching history in the making. World? Get ready to meet the next Spencer Pratt.

+ Need more convincing? Check out the new Bromance trailer and watch as Brody gives these 9 regular dudes the chance to change their lives -- and prove they're best-bud material.