Reality Check: Is Grey's Anatomy Giving E.R. Ripoffs A Bad Name?

(Photo: ABC)

• FINALLY, people are starting to notice that Grey's Anatomy is both disturbing and ridiculous. That is, of course, unless you like watching tawdry unrealistically hot/mentally unstable doctors (Shoutout, Izzie Stevens!) sleep with nonexistent dead people. (E! Online)

O.J. Simpson's attorneys have asked the court to go easy on their client because he's "a first-time offender" who only hypothetically confessed to brutally murdering two people. (Scandalist)

• FYI, NeNe Leakes from Real Housewives of Atlanta (whose writing has drastically improved since yesterday) wants you to know that she and her hubby were NOT, in fact, forcibly removed from their home. (Bravo TV, via Us)

Top Chef recap: Melissa Harrison serves up one hot tamale, Ariane "The Cougar" Duarte plays it safe and one mathematically-challenged chef gets his (or her!) just desserts. (TV Watch)

Oprah Winfrey to move her talk show to Washington D.C. during inauguration week as part of an ongoing effort to soak up every last minute of Barack Obama's impending presidency. Yes, she can! (