Sneak Peek: Whitney's Got One Foot Out The Door, Spencer's (Finally!) Got Stephanie's Back

It's finally happening! Whitney's flying to NYC for an interview with the Diane von Furstenberg and we have this crazy *feeling* she's gonna hit it outta the park. The pros? We'll get to follow Whit on her amazing big city (a.k.a. The City) adventures! The cons? She'll have to leave Lauren, Kelly Cutrone and (gulp!) The Hills behind.

Fortch, Whit'll have at least one friendly face waiting for her in the Big Apple: cute, perfectly-coiffed Aussie Jay, who -- in addition to signing his text messages "xoxo" -- looks to be down for some SERIOUS hand-holding. (At this rate, could "first base" be far behind??)

Meanwhile, back in Cali, Steph and Cameron are back together (because apparently they were broken up?) and protective older bro Spencer, like, does not approve. "I know you could do better than that guy," he sez of his younger sis' first-ever boyfriend.

+ Think Spencer's trying to start some drama? Or is he just (finally!) looking out for Stephanie's best interest? Check out these scenes from next week's Hills and let us know!