Diddy Introduces New, Immodestly Named Fragrance 'I Am King'

Sean Jean Fragrances already has a scentsational hit on their hands with best-selling parfum, Unforgivable. And now, in typical understated fashion, Diddy's ready to unveil his latest aptly named aromatic creation. So what's his plan of attack? Rent out an army of gigundo billboards nationwide that feature himself (natch) sporting a sleek, white tuxedo and holding up a bottle of his new fragrance: I Am King. Subtle? No. Effective? Yes. So what's it smell like?

"An untraditional fresh fruity woody scent," according to Chronicmagazine.com. "I Am King combines clean notes with sensual fruits and warm skin nuances. Impossible to ignore, I Am King subtly surrounds the wearer in fresh comfort and attracts women to encounter its power."

In other words? It's the sweet smell of success! And eau de Diddy can be yours for the low retail price of $57 per 1.7 ounce bottle. And what's unforgivable about that??