Video: LC's Helping Brody Jenner Find True Bromance!

Bromance (bro-mance). n. 1) A bond between you and your go-to guy. 2) No games, no bs, someone that just keeps it real with you.

Last night, we saw Paris find her new bestie on the season finale of Paris Hilton's My New BFF. And starting December 9th, we'll get to watch Brody Jenner fill the Spencer Pratt-sized void in his heart/social circle (and find that "one true friend)" by starting a new Bromance. So what's in store for the nine dudes vying to be Brody's new best bud?

Well, in addition to impressing the B man, they'll have to endure touchy-feely convos ("I love you guys so much!") interrogations by Lauren Conrad ("One night stands -- what's your opinion of them?") and a little friendly competition (Think: The X-Games meets Jackass) to prove they've got what it takes.

So brush up on your brocab, check out what's going down on this season of Bromance -- and tune in Monday, December 29 at 9pm to catch the series premiere. Let the male bonding begin!