First Pix Of Speidi's Wedding Rings! Holy Mother Of Pleather!

Looks as though that relationship vacation (and subsequent reconciliation/quickie marriage) was just what Speidi needed! The happily hitched couple (who just got back from their honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas) wasted no time showing off their tans, their glowing grins and, yes, their wedding bands on the red carpet at last night's Road to a Cure gala. Peep these pics of the blissfully married duo, and before you knock their leather (pleather??) accessories remember: it's a ring thing, not a bling thing.

UPDATE: According to E! Online, Speidi's "recession-proof" wedding rings set them back a whopping $9 (or 40 pesos!). We're actually not sure if that's the cost per ring -- or the sum total of their expenditures -- but at this price, does it even matter?