Gazillionaire Rapper 50 Cent Can Totally Relate To Your Recession Pain

Earlier this year, rising gas prices reportedly forced Bad Boy chairman Sean "Diddy" Combs to give up his private jet and fly commercial.* And while things are looking up for the Making the Band 4 creator (Huge economic recession = plummeting oil prices! Hurrah!) now rapper 50 Cent is feelin' the burn.

Well, not him personally but some peeps he (sorta) knows -- you.

According to, Fiddy's decision to push back his album release date had everything to do with cash money (or lack thereof). "[H]e was forced to postpone the release until early 2009, because of fears that struggling music fans will be reluctant to splash out on luxuries like CDs."

"Pushing (the album) back was to position myself a little better," Fiddy has said. "I've lost a couple of million dollars already. I sit with my investors and business managers and accountants, looking at the numbers and I'm like, 'Yo, the values of stocks in different areas are decreasing.'"

*Apparently, rumors of Diddy's private jettiness were greatly exaggerated. He's always flown commercial, yo!