BFF Poll: Will Paris And Brittany Be Besties For Life?

Call off the search! On tonight's season finale of Paris Hilton's My New BFF, Brittany was officially chosen as Paris' brand-new bestie! And we've already heard the heiress explain why she TTYNed Vanessa (Duh, Brit was always the one!) and learned how hanging' with P. Hilton has changed Brittany's life for the oh-so-much-better.

But while Brittany and Paris both swear they're inseparable these days, we can't help but wonder whether this budding best friendship is strong enough to last a lifetime.

Think the bond will stay strong after Paris and Brit are over their honeymoon phase? Or will Brit most likely follow in the footsteps of Paris' past BFFs (like The Simple Life co-star Nicole Richie) and disappear sometime after the cameras stop rolling? Take our poll, and let us know whether these made-for-TV friendzies are destined to be together 4-ever!