Will Everybody Please Shut Up And Let Rebecca Talk?

Fiddy’s new reality show, 50 Cent: The Money and the Power, airs Thursdays at 10pm, but you don’t have to wait ’til then to check out the raw footage. Every day, I’ll be sifting through the ‘50 Cent Dailies‘ to make sure you’re getting your fill of the rapper-turned-mogul. (Tough job, I know, but somebody’s gotta do it!)

Poor mild-mannered, pseudo-spiritual Rebecca never really took to the hot-tempered, backstabby, vibe of Camp Curtis. So what does she have to say for herself these days? Apparently, not much -- but we're thinking that's mainly cuz her roomies won't let her get a word in edgewise.

Check out this 50 Cent Daily and watch as Rebecca's riled-up roommates drown her out while simultaneously demanding that she start 'splaining. Then be glad you don't live in a house where NOT fighting with everyone (or threatening physical violence, or making ugly, racist innuendos) makes you the outcast.