Reality Check: Chuck Bass Ruins Rep By Snuggling Up To The Worst Character In All The Land

• Attention, Upper East Siders!Gossip Girl's lovable lothario Chuck Bass was just spotted PDAing with that hipstery, letter-stealing Vanessa. When reached for comment, a visibly distraught Dan Humphrey muttered "Watch out, Chuck. I hear poverty's contagious." (

Conan O'Brien's ratings are officially lower than Craig Ferguson's! Which means either (a) Conan's already checked out, or (b) Craig Ferguson is actually much, much funnier than we thought. Kidding! Sort of! But seriously, it's the former. (TV Squad)

• Ringleader Britney Spears takes her Circus act to Good Morning America. (MTV News)

• Blind-ish item alert! Is a certain someone (*cough* George) getting slowly-but-surely phased out of Grey's? And if so, we gotta know, why him? Why now? And, most importantly, why not Meredith?? (E! Online)

Dallas and Toni's amazing Amazing Race romance still going strong. Amazing! (TV Watch)